Maximize your diversity in a bag with this season long blend. Here we combine cool and warm season species for a blend that can provide flexibility throughout the growing season. Each species growth is different than the next so you can enjoy watching the mix naturally succeed. Challenge yourself by trying to identify the seed and then again when the plants obtain some growth.

Planting- Commonly sown April-May after last frost risk through August. For best results, broadcast the seed followed by a light incorporation.

Legumes: Common Vetch (9%), Spring Lentils (9%), Cowpeas (9%), Arrowleaf Clover (3%), Crimson Clover (3%), Sunn Hemp (3%)
Grasses: Spring Oat (24%), Cereal Rye (6%), Pearl Millet (3%), Sorghum Sudan (3%)
Brassicas: Nitro Radish (3%), African Cabbage (3%), Purple Top Turnip (3%), Impact Forage Collards (3%)
Other Broadleaves: Buckwheat (6%), Flax (6%), Phacelia (3%), Sunflower (3%)
Seeding rate per acre. . . . . . . . . . . . 30-40#

High Diversity Mix 5 Lbs